Tuesday, November 23, 2010

to the west coast we go.

the grand canyon.
krista janae speaking:
from oklahoma. to new mexico. to arizona. to california. 
that was our adventure for the next two days. we left oklahoma bright and early and made our way over to gallup, new mexico. our friend from ywam kona, tim feddes lives there. it was our stop for the night. after a night of pizza, catching up with tim, watching elf and getting some much needed rest, we once again woke up bright and early the next morning. our destination this time was los angeles, california with a brief stop at the grand canyon in arizona. the grand canyon is beautiful!!! it is so big and looked so fake but it definitely isn't! after a couple hours of exploring the grand canyon we were back on the road to california. 
we were all excited to be back on the west coast. and it was crazy to think that just a week ago we were on the east coast. we officially drove coast to coast. bahh. we were also very excited to be in los angeles for we were going to see some of our dear friends from ywam kona. we first met up with lindy conant at the ywam la base. we spent a couple hours with her just talking, catching up and encouraging one another. than we made our way over to our friend jack tong's house, where we were going to stay the next couple nights. 
the next couple days we explored and wandered around the la area with jack tong and troi barnum. we wandered around hollywood, and went to griffith park observatory (overlooks the la area but it was pretty smoggy that day so we couldn't see too far), santa monica pier where we dipped our feet into the pacific ocean and one evening we went to azusa to hang out with some other friends from kona. we also got to experience the lovely la traffic. what a hoot and a holler. oh and jack tong's mother made us a big, delicious korean meal for dinner one night. it was soo good.
our time in la was aaamazing and i wish it could of been longer. 
but we had to start making our way to our next destination: san francisco.


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