Thursday, November 18, 2010


krista janae speaking:
i was very excited for this destination. for my friend who is very dear to my heart, liesel elena lives here. she ran the cafe with me in kona and i hadn't seen her in months. kayla and i stayed with liesel and her beautiful mom in their apartment. and the boys stayed with a wonderful family, the Noes. liesel was the best tour guide. no lie. she took us everywhere!! our two days were packed with exploration of the city. some of our favorite places were pangea (a hipster store with amazing jewelery), fido's and bongo java (third wave coffeehouses), flashback (a 60s and 70s vintage store where freeman got a sick leather jacket), and love circle (a giant hill that overlooks the city). we even went downtown and got to see the true country lovin' southerners as the CMA's were taking place that evening. but sadly we didn't see taylor swift or keith urban..

nashville, tennessee you are beautiful and i like you. i will be back one day.

next destination: kansas city, missouri.

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