Sunday, November 21, 2010

kansas city.

alexander freeman speaking:

Kansas City, Missouri: the center of the prayer movement. its a strange place to have an international anything, why not some where on one of the coasts? I don't know I'm not the Lord, but thats where the International House of Prayer is, and that is where we had come. We decided to come out of a desire to see our friends and to join in with the praying. IHOP has been going non stop 24/7 for ten years now, interceding for America and the world. We wanted to surprise our friends so we didn't tell them we were coming. As we drove from Tennessee to KC the excitement in our hearts began to rise, then at 8 we arrived at there house. We were meeting with a team from Kona that is going around to christian universities encouraging the body. So we quietly walked up the path to the door, and knocked, and waited. The main door opened leaving only a screen door between us and a joyful surprise reunion. My favorite reaction was from Sam Schneider, she came to the door and we watched it register on her face who we were, and then a scream. We spent two nights and a day and a half spending time with friends catching up on their outreach telling them about our journey and praying in the prayer room. until our time to leave came, oklahoma was waiting.

next destination: edmond, oklahoma.

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