Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Coming to an End

  First we must apologize for the delayed ending to our trip. Thankgiving came and Krista headed off to Kona once again, so here we are finally finishing our grand adventure for you.
    After the Grand Canyon we headed to beautiful L.A. To stay with our friend Jack Tong. It was so fun to stay with his amazing Korean family and eat authentic Korean  food! L.A. gave us some beautiful weather and we were able to go into the city with Jack and our other friend Troi. We also had the opportunity to see some of our other dear friends, Lindy Conant and some of the Brent clan, at the LA YWAM base. After two glory filled days we headed to San Fran where the Lord parted the rainy skies just long enough for us to explore the Pier and the Castro District with one of Krista's past DTS students, Hannah Kim. The Castro District was really interesting for me to see. I realized the need for people who are willing to step out of their comfort zones and lay down their predispositions and poor love into broken hearts. 
     Next we got to spend the night in Granite Bay and see my aunt and uncle, who had some yummy food and warm beds to prepare us.  We chatted about unicycling and the Olympics and made plans for the next days journey.  We decided to stop in Redding so Chris could see his brother for a little bit and then headed to Eugene OR to visit Chris's Uncle and Alex's friend Alex. Finally, we rolled into Portland at about ten at night and settled into Alex's sister's apartment. We ate the last of our snack box for dinner and fell asleep watching the Grinch. It only seemed fitting, as we were entering snow covered passes and freezing temperatures. After a snowy and slow drive we made it to Alex's house in Samamish WA and cozied in for the snow storm. We ate yummy food, watched more Christmas movies, had hot chocolate and played in the snow. It was simply magical. The next day Krista and I headed into Seattle to visit some of our friends. It was such a treat to see them and eat at our favorite sushi place!  Wednesday came, the day we had felt from the Lord to head home, and ironically it was the only day you could get across the pass due to snow! Jesus is so faithful even to the end!
 All in all it was an amazing trip. Both Krista and I feel like we have been changed in significant ways over the coarse of this journey.  Jesus has blessed us so much and continues to do so! He is just sooo good!